What is the value of your domain?

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Our normal price for a valuation is $59.50

Why this big discount? Currently we are launching a new project, which is a way for domain name owners to make money on their domains by converting them into NFT tokens. If you have not already heard about NFT tokens – it is the latest hype in the crypto world. In order to to introduce new clients to NFT opportunities, we offer discounted valuations, so it will be convenient to discuss this business with you, after we know the value of your domain.

Domain Name NFT Tokens

How does NFT tokens work, and how do they relate to domain names. NFT tokens are basically issuing of “cryptocurrency” tokens around the value of intellectual property. In this case the IP right is the domain name itself. Coins are issued, that represents shares of ownership in your domain. You get paid upon issuing the tokens. Essentially you are selling shares in your domain name.

If you are just here for the valuation and have no interest in NFTs, well, then you are lucky – you still get the discount.

Our valuations are still of the same high standard, with an actual human expert assessing your domain and prepares a domain name appraisal. It also comes with a digital certificate, to certify its real value.